A Guide to Buying Briefcases

Briefcases are an indispensable part of a modern business person's wardrobe, especially if travel is frequently required. Briefcases can range from simple bags meant for short term storage, to top of the line attache cases that serve as a mobile office. Briefcases also range widely in quality and price, from cheap knock off models, to expensive models made from exotic leathers. This guide should hopefully help potential buyers understand the world of briefcases a little better before embarking on the shopping trip. Read on for a few simple tips that can make picking out briefcases a little easier.

Briefcases are available in a variety of designs, each meant to satisfy a different function. An attache case is a briefcase with heavy duty frame, meant for serious business travel, with several compartments for documents, business cards, pens, calculators, and laptops. An attache case usually comes with a sturdy frame and tough leather material. The case is also usually secured by a combination or key lock. A high quality attache case may be expensive, but it is usually worth the cost if intended for frequent business travel use. For heavy travel needs, when a great deal of documents or other materials must be transported, briefcase manufacturers have the "office on the go" model. These models usually come with a trolley type system, as they are built to transport a fair amount of weight.

For transporting a large amount of paper, or several books, a brief bag might be the best solution. Brief bags have an opening at the top with a hinge, and many models come with a lock. Several compartments allow the user to separate papers and books. A brief bag is typically carried with a shoulder strap, with some models featuring a fixed handle. There are many more briefcases on the market today, each designed with a specific function in mind, so be sure to check around for what you need.

When shopping for briefcases, there are a handful of things to always keep in mind. If looking at leather briefcases, be sure that the material you are paying for is actually leather. Real leather will have differences in tone and pattern across the entire surface. Be sure that the briefcase in question is also solidly built. Does the leather sag out when the briefcase is full? High quality briefcases should have a frame that supports the weight of everything in the case.

Heft the briefcase and feel the comfort of the handle. Does the handle have an appropriate amount of give when under a heavy load? The handle should be padded and comfortable for the user, as it may be carried for several hours. Without a comfortable handle, briefcases can quickly become a real burden for the user. This can happen if the handle is too stiff, or if the handle stretches out too far under a heavy load. Other important factors of briefcases are the balance and stitching of the case. A properly balanced briefcase should be able to stand up by itself. Stitching is also very important, as a badly stitched fabric may eventually wear and come loose from the frame. Check the seams of the briefcase to ensure that the stitching appears solid and well done.

Briefcases can be a difficult item to purchase, as there is a wide variety of items out on the market. Take the time to properly figure out which model of briefcase is right for you. Doing a little review research on the internet is a good idea, as this can reveal the best brands on the market, as well as the ones to avoid.